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Wellness Gift Guide 2019

Posted by PartnerMD on Nov 1, 2019

The holiday season is quickly approaching. In addition to tacky sweaters, cold weather, and maybe a little too much food, it also means it’s time to figure out gifts for your loved ones.

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Topics: Lifestyle & Wellness

Our Favorite Articles

Posted by PartnerMD on May 2, 2019

We read a lot of articles about the state of healthcare in the U.S. today. Occasionally, we find articles that not only reflect our philosophy, but also back it up with scientific data. 

The following articles explore a variety of topics that are part of the PartnerMD experience: the importance of primary care to health and longevity, prioritizing the relationship between a patient and their doctor, integrating physical and emotional health, and a true partnership between patient and physician. 

Tell us that you think in the comments and be sure to recommend any articles we missed. We will be keeping this page updated with new articles as we find them. 


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Topics: Lifestyle & Wellness

3 Ways to Overcome Stress

Posted by David Pong, M.D. on Mar 7, 2019

No matter the season or time of year, it seems like there’s no downtime for stress. But, if we can’t get away from the daily pressures and feeling stressed, how can we best manage it to keep our sanity?

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What Is A Ketogenic Diet?

Posted by Jackie Oken on Jan 2, 2019

A ketogenic diet, you’ll also hear people refer to it as “keto”, is a high-protein, usually high fat, and very low-carbohydrate diet plan. You might have heard of the Atkins Diet that was all the rage in the 2000s. Atkins is an example of a ketogenic diet. These diet plans are called “keto” because they are designed to put your body into a state of ketosis. Ketosis means that you are burning stored fat for fuel. It also turns fats into ketones in the liver, which fuel the brain.

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Wellness Gift Guide for 2018

Posted by PartnerMD on Nov 30, 2018

This year, we polled our certified health coaches for their top picks for wellness gift giving ideas. They gave us a list of great ideas to inspire and motivate or relax and unwind this holiday season.

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Topics: Lifestyle & Wellness

Science Explains How the Body Reacts to Sugar (hint: it’s not great)

Posted by Jackie Oken on Aug 7, 2018

While in the south, the word “sugar” may be an affectionate greeting, in the world of science and food, sugar can be both dangerous and deadly.

Before diving in, let’s briefly revisit grade-school science class. Plants manufacture the nutrients they need through photosynthesis, which converts carbon dioxide and water to sugar fuels (aka carbohydrates) with the addition of energy from the sun. Sounds good so far. So, what’s the big deal with sugar? Eating plants (aka vegetables) is really good for us.

Here’s the catch.

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Topics: Lifestyle & Wellness

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