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What is the ROI of an Executive Physical?

Posted by Kristin Richardson, CMO, CSO on Jul 6, 2016
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We sat down with Mitch Haddon, President and CEO of ColonialWebb Contractors, to discuss his take on an executive health physical's return on investment. 

Watch the video below or read on to learn more: 

What is the ROI of the PartnerMD executive physical?

The executive physical is important from a return on investment standpoint for officer-level key contributors in an organization. In today’s world, the stress of business management places so much importance on the officer group knowing and understanding the state of their health and how they can take care of themselves. Like any competitor, whether a business person or athlete, you have to be able to perform in the position or activity.

How does executive health impact business success?

Any business is going to have greater success when the talent that is in the organization has worked on the team for as long as possible. Using an executive physical as a tool to improve our health should hopefully allow us to remain as a team for a longer period of time.

This in turn provides our shareholders the return they are looking for, allows us to take care of our customers and most importantly our employees. Our employees look to leadership to keep the business going so that they can continue to enjoy a great work home and work towards achieving their career aspirations.

Why should CEO’s consider an Executive Health program?

When I think of how I can invest in my key leadership group, their mental and physical well-being has to be treated as important. When I consider a short list of things that I can do to help my executive group, the Executive Health program will always be at the top of that list. I cannot imagine at any time in the future where that would not be a priority. This program really is a way to invest in people.  

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