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Executive Health Screening: Here’s What You Can Expect

Posted by Jim Burford, M.D. on Apr 6, 2016

When physicians meet with patients who are deciding whether or not to schedule an executive physical, one of the most common questions they face is: “What is the day of the exam like?”

It’s important to understand that physicals for executive health can differ in terms of intensity depending on the tests and screenings you may elect to have. However, all executive physicals will have certain common ingredients you can be aware of.

Preparing for Your Executive Physical

executive-health-screening-heres-what-you-can-expect.jpgFirst and foremost, you can expect your executive physical to be convenient. All of the services involved will be done either in one single day or over the course of two days. These two days can be during a single week, or further apart from each other depending on what works for your schedule.

Prior to your scheduled executive physical, you will receive a questionnaire from your physician. The information included in it is comprehensive and completely confidential. You can complete this questionnaire at home before ever setting foot in the physician’s office, which can save significant time on the day of your appointment.

The Day of Your Executive Physical

When you arrive for your physical, you will be taken care of immediately but will never be made to feel rushed. Your time is respected and you will be able to spend as long as you’d like reviewing your health with your physician. You’ll even have access to a private business suite to help you stay connected, if necessary.

A hands-on exam typically takes anywhere from a minimum of five hours and a maximum of eight. All of your processes will occur on the same day, unless physical specimens need to be collected. If so, that will be collected on a separate occasion and usually takes around 15-30 minutes.

Next, a physiologist and a health coach will review the information collected during your exam, including your sleep patterns and stress relievers. Because your executive physical includes a broad range of services, tests and screenings, it has the ability to uncover information about your health that you may not have otherwise known about.

With all of this information presented at once, your physician can plot a comprehensive course toward improving your overall health. This plan will be explained through an open-ended, private and thorough discussion with your physician where you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Expectations for Your Executive Physical

A simple way to set your expectations for your executive physical is to think of it like an audit: It’s not uncommon for something to come up during your physical that may require some sort of action or lifestyle change. Although the idea of discovering a potential health issue can be somewhat scary, your physician will be there to help guide you toward the best health possible.

Think of the time spent at an executive physical as an opportunity to connect with your physician and truly focus on your health and well-being. Expect to leave with a deeper understanding of your health and a clear plan for how you can improve it.

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