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Three Dirty Little Words: Putting Me First

Posted by Kristin Richardson, CMO, CSO on Feb 7, 2018

Editor's Note: Our CMO, Kristin P. Richardson, opens up and gets real about her experience with a PartnerMD Advanced Physical. We are grateful for her candor about the impact of the results and in sharing details about her personal health and wellness. 

I’m about to enter my “mid-forties” and I’ve really never been to the doctor in my adult life. Sure I’ve tried an urgent care here and there when I couldn’t get a cough to go away. A midwife delivered my two babies. A nurse practitioner used to do a gynecology exam, but I was always horrible about going every year. So now I wake up middle-aged, with two small kids, a husband and a full-time job outside the home. Sure, I can stand to lose the last 10 pounds of baby weight, but isn’t that almost every mom out there? And sure, I could have stood to lose another 10 pounds even before the babies, but again, isn’t that almost everyone out there? I figured I was pretty healthy if I was rarely sick, could run 10ks, and ate vegan most days.

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What is the ROI of an Executive Physical?

Posted by Kristin Richardson, CMO, CSO on Jul 6, 2016

We sat down with Mitch Haddon, President and CEO of ColonialWebb Contractors, to discuss his take on an executive health physical's return on investment. 

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Preventative Health Care: A Concierge Medicine Cost/Benefit Story [Infographic]

Posted by Kristin Richardson, CMO, CSO on Jun 15, 2016

Approaching your health with a preventative mindset can make a huge impact in your overall health and wellness. Many common chronic diseasesdiabetes, heart disease, arthritis and cancercan be avoided with preventative care and the right physician.

The concierge medicine model is built around the concept of prevention-focused health care, but many are under the misconception that the cost is too high. The truth is, the cost of concierge medicine is more affordable than you might think. 

In this infographic, we'll showcase the chronic diseases you may be able to prevent, the cost of managing these diseases and a realistic look at how the cost of a concierge medicine membership compares.

If you're ready to get proactive about your health, we can help. Contact PartnerMD today to get started. 


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Why Executives Need to Be Proactive About Their Health

Posted by Kristin Richardson, CMO, CSO on Feb 18, 2016

The high-stress lifestyle of today’s busy executive is filled with a never-ending list of responsibilities, meetings and demands. Executives often relegate taking care of themselves to the bottom of the to-do list. Finding the time in a busy schedule to take care of yourself is a challenge, and the difficulty of doing so may lead to convenient, yet unhealthy, choices related to diet, exercise and stress relief.

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Concierge Medicine Cost: How Much Will I Pay?

Posted by Kristin Richardson, CMO, CSO on Aug 12, 2015

Many people incorrectly assume that concierge medicine is only for the wealthy. That may be the result of television's portray of a concierge medicine practice where private physicians follow clients throughout their daily lives – even to leisure and recreational activities. More likely, the public misperception arises from unfamiliarity with the variety of practices and services offered under the concierge medicine banner.

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