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Posted by Charleen McManus, Membership on May 2, 2019

We read a lot of articles about the state of healthcare in the U.S. today. Occasionally, we find articles that not only reflect our philosophy, but also back it up with scientific data. 

The following articles explore a variety of topics that are part of the PartnerMD experience: the importance of primary care to health and longevity, prioritizing the relationship between a patient and their doctor, integrating physical and emotional health, and a true partnership between patient and physician. 

Tell us that you think in the comments and be sure to recommend any articles we missed. We will be keeping this page updated with new articles as we find them. 


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Topics: Concierge Medicine

Wellness Gift Guide for 2018

Posted by Charleen McManus, Membership on Nov 30, 2018

This year, we polled our certified health coaches for their top picks for wellness gift giving ideas. They gave us a list of great ideas to inspire and motivate or relax and unwind this holiday season.

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Topics: Lifestyle & Wellness

What is Shingles & Should You Get the New Shingles Vaccine?

Posted by Charleen McManus, Membership on Feb 27, 2018

Shingles is a disease that most people have heard of, but many people can't easily say what it is. We sat down with Dr. Mark Petrizzi from our Richmond office for a shingles Q&A, including whether you should get the new shingles vaccine.

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Topics: Medical Perspectives

Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas for 2017

Posted by Charleen McManus, Membership on Dec 14, 2017

Yes, you could always go with some hand weights or an exercise ball chair, but this year, why not take a more creative take on wellness-centric gifts? Between the holidays, the shorter hours of daylight, and cold weather, more than a few of us can feel frazzled, overindulgent, or have a touch of the blues. These options address wellness from food and movement, through de-stressing and mindfulness.

Here are some of our favorite and more creative options for healthy gift-giving this year.

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Topics: Lifestyle & Wellness

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